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London Festival of Architecture 2018


Scientific Responsibles: Professors Giulia Pellegri, Maria Elisabetta Ruggiero,

University of Genoa, Polytechnic School, Department of Architecture an Design

The event deals with the theme of ‘drawing from life’ connected  to ‘digital transformation’ by smartphone.
It will be a performance on the streets of the town, the students will be divided  into  teams identified by a color and linked to 12 peculiar and characteristic points of London.

The aim is to devise a system of immediate communication about London identity  by means of  free hand Drawing .

The professors ( 8 professors and tutors)  and the students of Architecture and Design at the Polytechnic of Genoa will be the tutors who will follow the participants (maximum 60) through  the steps of the event:
1- Division into teams and supply of differently colored t-shirt
2- Assignment to each team of one of the 12 identity themes related to some parts of the town
3- Supply of material for ’drawing from life’ (sketch book, pens, markers, pastels)
4- Small manual for the best graphic rendering and choice of perspective point of view
5- Photographic investigation
6- Sketches
7- Smartphone scanning of the sketches of the personal book
8- Elaboration of a video, maximum 3 minutes long, of drawings and photos.
9 - Editing of all the personal  videos, musical choice, lettering for the elaboration of a CONCLUSIVE VIDEO to be projected publicly  on the dedicated website

Admission: FREE  


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