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A Special Session on “Drawing: Beauty, Ethics, Aesthetics”

13th Annual International Conference on Urban Studies & Planning

The Architecture Unit in collaboration with the Social Sciences Division of ATINER are organizing a Special Session on “Drawing: Beauty, Ethics, Aesthetics” as part of the 13th Annual International Conference on Urban Studies & Planning, 29 May-31 May 2023 & 1 June 2023, Athens, Greece sponsored by the Athens Journal of Architecture

The theme of the session, Representation of Resilient Communities, is to share, compare, debate and disseminate research and thought that is open to all disciplines that involve responsibility to cultural approach, analysis, study, evaluation, project, design, color, of the “Human environment”. Papers on the theme of Representation and the scientific implications of all those disciplinary sectors that involve the environment we live, look at, imagine, design could include the following topics: Survey and Representation of Architecture and the Environment; Drawing for the Landscape, De-signs for Project traces – visions and pre-visions; signs of memory and the city in progress; Visual culture and communication: from idea to project; Architectural emergencies; Color and the environment; Perception and territorial identity; Landscape cultural iconographic heritage: art, literature and design implications; Signs and Drawings for Design; Advanced Representation. You may participate as presenter of one paper or observer.

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