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The perception of spaces plays an extremely important role in project management.
But what does perception mean? What are the principles that influence people to perceive a space as a barrier, as a transitional space or even as a non-space?
Through the discipline of drawing and the principles of Gestalt, this project seeks to highlight the theme of visual perception linked to urban and architectural spaces.
Drawings of perceptual and anamorphic illusions will be drawn using geometry, colours, analogue and digital representation techniques, within the limits of the Thames and the virtual gates of London.
The executive drawings will be made in the second semester by the students of the Course of Foundations and Practices of Representation 2 of the Department of Architecture and Design. An international call will be launched to invite students, architects and teachers to participate in the production of posters representing optical illusions capable of eliminating social, territorial, political and psychological barriers.

The drawing professors of the Department of Architecture and Design will select the contributions that will be exhibited on June 10 in London (MARLIN WATERLOO HOTEL).

June 10, 2019

10:30 -18:30

Admission: FREE


Send the images to:

Scientific manager: Julia Pellegri
Working group:Sara Eriche, Michela Mazzucchelli, Francesca Salvetti, Michela Scaglione.


Snap 6_16_2019 10_59_11 PM.jpeg


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