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The DAD headquarters is a complex set of buildings in the oldest and most multicultural heart of Genoa. Thanks to the project of the architect Ignazio Gardella who created a newly built block, the classrooms and offices are now housed on the ruins of ancient monasteries and in the churches around the medieval nucleus of the Bishop's Palace on the Castle Hill. The recovery of the buildings of the monastery of San Silvestro, designed by the engineer Luciano Grossi Bianchi, completed the intervention.

Edoardo Benvenuto, the then principal who wanted this location, was thus able to give a strong identity to the former Faculty of Architecture. The cloister, the raised garden, the view of the port, the frescoes and the bricks of the arcades are a fascinating and ideal context for the campus. Immersed in the historic center, it has a significant link with the most vital and creative part of the city, close to theatres, craft shops and typical places that enter the daily life of those who study and work here.

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